Here you will learn more about my editorial philosophy, my motivations to write and about what you can expect reading this family travel blog.

The Wanderers Tribe blog was born mainly out of my passion for travel, always with my family. But it is also born from the desire to share our experience as traveling parents, the tricks, and tips for traveling more and our growing concern to travel better, in a more conscious and sustainable way.

External Sources

I am not a journalist and am generally a person of strong convictions and opinions. But I love learning and what you’re going to read here is a balanced mix of experiences and a lot of research into scientific and specialized information.

My 40 years of life and almost 10 of motherhood of three little explorers have taught me to remain curious and have an open spirit. I always advise you to do the same.

I undertake to clearly indicate all external sources, resulting from my research, used in the writing of each article. Please go ahead and consult those for your personal enlightenment.

Original content

The content you find here is the result of hundreds of trips as a family that we have taken over the last few years, from 2014 until now.

It is a direct result of our experience, but mainly of our way of traveling and our lifestyle. It will always be a personal approach, which I share with our readers because, in our individuality, we have many points in common with many other families.

I don’t believe in general solutions and magic formulas.

I believe that our personal and original way of doing things can help other travellers who identify with us.

If you find something here that you’ve seen before, it’s because we’ve used it and confirmed that it works.

Whatever you find different, believe that we have already tested it and that at least for our family it works. Just feel free to try it! Who knows, maybe it’s the solution you’ve been looking for!

Independent content

All the trips we take and describe here are financed by us, on a personal and individual basis.

Just like all the products or services mentioned here are purchased directly by us or are part of our wish lists after much research.

All product, service or location reviews are independent and derived from our personal experience.


Do I completely close the doors to partnerships? I do not. But always preserving my editorial freedom and independence of opinion.

I’m a traveller and blogger. Without criticism or judgement to others, I am not and will hardly ever be a content creator for third parties.

The partnerships that may appear here will always be of two types:

1. with brands and products that help you solve real problems. Bear in mind that we are very minimalistic in our product needs, and we will never suggest something we don’t use ourselves.

2. with official tourism representatives in order to feed your curiosity to discover new places and expand your world map.

In any case, the articles that result from these partnerships and that are published in The Wanderers Tribe or in our social networks will always be independent and original.

But then how does The Wanderers Tribe survive?

Writing and editing a blog takes time and dedication.

Time that is no longer available for other paid professional activities.

For that same reason I don’t intend to make you believe that this blog is not and will never be monetized.

But I undertake to always indicate as clearly as possible the different ways in which this will be done:

Original products and personal brands

Whenever it makes sense, I will talk about products (physical or digital) created by us or services proposed and provided by us.

Our professional activity currently encompasses areas as vast as the design and manufacture of ecological lighting, creation of collectible products for travellers, hospitality, consultancy in various areas, etc.

Any advertising I do here will always be linked to our own professional activity.

Affiliate Links

Whenever I tell you about a product, service or place tested by us, I put a link at your disposal that gives you easy and direct access. I believe that this type of links can help to save a lot of your time.

Whenever brands, services or places propose an affiliation program, the link I give you will allow me to receive a very small commission, without any additional cost for you.

If The Wanderers Tribe inspires you and helps you in some way, with content that is always free and independent, the best way to help us is to use our affiliate links to book services or purchase products you need for your trips!

You don’t pay more for it; you have your research simplified and at the same time are helping us to maintain the independence and gratuity of our content.

Everything I share here is sincere, the result of our experiences, curiosities, and research.

And I’m always available to talk about travel or anything else!

For any contact, professional or private, here is my email

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