12 best summer destinations to travel with children in 2024

When the hot days arrive, we only want one thing: to find the best summer destinations to travel with children and plan THE trip of the year!

We want to find the perfect place to enjoy every single sunny day, to explore, to learn and relax!

But the world is vast and in the dream of going out to discover it is not always easy to choose the right destination for this long-awaited family trip, right?

I leave you here 12 suggestions of destinations that we have visited and that are ideal trips during the summer season (from the end of May to the end of September).

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1. Iceland

One of the most incredible countries we have ever visited, Iceland has a unique and captivating beauty.

Though this country is a must visit anytime of the year, it is one of the best summer destinations you can choose.

Between waterfalls, lava fields as far as the eye can see, black sand beaches, incredible rock formations, natural hot water lagoons, volcanoes and whales, this country is a huge playground for kids and adults alike.

Despite the fact that the northern lights are no longer visible in summer, we have the opportunity to live the incredible experience of the midnight sun.

And this is the great advantage of visiting Iceland in the summer: the days are long with almost constant luminosity and the temperatures much milder than in the opposite direction.

These are the perfect conditions to enjoy puffins season and the lupine fields all around the island.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • roadtrip is without a doubt the best way to visit Iceland.
  • Despite the points of interest multiplying throughout the country, in case of limited time, the Southeast is undoubtedly an excellent choice.   

2. Greece

It’s a classic, but there are good reasons for that!

While temperatures in Athens rise beyond bearable, the Greek islands, especially the Cyclades and the Dodecanesias, have milder temperatures thanks to the prevailing winds and the close relationship with the Aegean Sea.

Beaches of fine sand, fresh fish and traditional music are just some of the attractions of these islands of undeniable beauty.

At the end of August, many of the traditional religious festivals take place. Many monasteries open their doors to the island’s population and to anyone who wants to share joyful moments with traditional music and dances, accompanied by typical dishes. It’s a great way to live authentic experiences without adding the expense of guided tours and organized activities.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Santorini and Mykonos are worth a visit, but it can be short. They are undoubtedly the islands that concentrate more people during the summer.
  • Smaller islands like Ios, Milos and Amorgos are more difficult to access, but much quieter.

3. Portugal

It may be a small country, but so rich in different landscapes and experiences. Couldn’t miss the list for summer destinations!

Summer is a great season to visit the country from north to south and visit the islands of the Azores and Madeira!

In the North the temperatures are milder and perfect for visiting the Peneda – Gerês park for example. And in the Douro area, the vineyards are at the height of their beauty. Even before the harvest.

Porto and Aveiro gain new colors with sunny days. As well as the entire downtown area.

Those who visit Lisbon in late spring/early summer are presented with a purple mantle of Jacarandas in bloom. Ephemeral show that gives the capital a unique atmosphere.

And whoever goes to Lisbon has to go to the beaches of Costa da Caparica and dive into the turquoise waters of Parque da Arrábida. In fact, the entire Alentejo coast to the Costa Vicentina is a must. Dream beaches, beautiful towns and villages with people who always welcome us with an open smile.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • although we love the Algarve, there is no denying that the Portuguese head south in August. To avoid crowds in the beach area, Serra de Monchique is an excellent option!

And let’s not forget the islands!

The Azores, typically wetter and rainier islands in winter, come alive in summer.

Madeira, with mild temperatures throughout the year, in addition to incredible landscapes and deep tropical beauty, is a pleasant escape from the hottest summer temperatures.

4. Scotland

Many people’s dream trip (including us of course) Scotland is part of our imagination, with dragons and sea monsters and fantastic legends.

Kids love it! And the grown-ups too.

With beautiful cities like Edinburgh, endless castles and undeniable natural beauty, Scotland stirs the imagination.

Letting the youngsters run free, dip their feet in a stream, play in a castle or go in search of the Loch Ness monster provides them with intense moments of joy and memories for life.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • crossing Scotland from one side to the other and going to the Isle of Sky is an unforgettable experience.
  • Besides, flying to Aberdeen can be much cheaper than flying straight to the capital!

5. United Stats

Summer rhymes with road trip, right?

The vast American territory, rich in natural, architectural and cultural diversity, offers multiple possibilities.

From the mythical “Coast to coast” through the national 66 for an extended adventure. California from North to South through Palm Springs or Lake Taohe. Explore the state of New York and discover the natural beauty around one of the busiest cities in the world. Or go discovering the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

It is easy to find routes adapted to all tastes and budgets, longer or for vacations that are more limited in time.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • in such a vast territory it is important to define the type of trip you prefer to do. More nature, more beach, more city, or a little bit of everything?
  • Distances are great and the coast is limited compared to the interior of the country. It is important to set goals when you have well-defined dates.    

6. Bali

One of the most welcoming destinations we have ever visited, Bali has a distinctly tropical climate.

During the European summer, this Indonesian island is in the middle of the dry season, ideal for exploring all corners, from the infinite temples to rice plantations to paradisiacal beaches.

Bali is really kid-friendly. The people are super friendly and available to help, there is a great choice of hotels that are very well equipped for families and the food is delicious.

With a rich and profound culture and a happiness that hangs in the air, it is the ideal place to raise children’s awareness of diversity and tolerance.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • the most used means of transport on the island are motorcycles and scooters.
  • If, like us, you prefer or need to travel by car, ask the hotel about the possibility of arranging a driver for you.
  • If you have never driven in places where the traffic is chaotic like Morocco for example, and it is your first visit to Bali, we do not recommend renting a car. 

7. France

Summer is the perfect season to visit the south of France.

Although areas like Brittany and Normandy are even more pleasant at this time of year, the south offers a spectacle that must be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime: the lavender fields in bloom in Provence.

And for roadtrip fans, here are two suggestions:

The RN7, the national road that connects Paris to Menton and the Route Napoleon that connects Golfe – Juan, where Napoleon landed, to Grenoble.

Two beautiful routes that pass through areas rich in history and natural beauty that provide a trip with a little bit of everything: beach, city, countryside, typical cuisine and much more. Everything you need to please the whole family, of all ages.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • if the objective is the lavender fields, aim for the first half of July.
  • If you already know the South, you won’t want to miss the Landes and Médoc Natural Parks.



8. Italy

One of those countries that you feel like visiting at any time of the year, right?

We have enjoyed Italy and it has been our “backup plan” many times over these years of travel.

With delicious food, beautiful beaches, an endlessly serene countryside and friendly people, Italy had to be on this list.

It is a country whose main points of interest in a region are easily accessible by car or train. Distances are relatively short and the scenery alone would easily justify a visit. We lost count of the roadtrips we did in Italy. Each one better than the other! For this reason, it is a destination for those who like diversity: culture, architecture, gastronomy, beach, city, countryside. Everything is close and accessible, which is without a doubt a great advantage when traveling as a family.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Italy, like Greece, is a destination that attracts a lot of people in the summer. Mainly in August. If you can’t avoid this month, it’s really necessary to book everything as early as possible.
  • Consider all possibilities including airports outside the area you want to visit. To get an idea from Rome to Naples it takes 2:30 hours by car and there are many more flights to the capital, for example. It can help you find more affordable flights.

9. Norway

Oslo in particular has some of the best outdoor public spaces of any city we’ve ever visited.

The temperatures of the North mean that, at least for those who come further from the South, the summer is more conducive to enjoying these spaces in a full and relaxed way. And enjoying everything this city has to offer.

But the real stars of Norway are perhaps the Fjords.

Accessible by train, ferry, cruise or car, the Fjords are completely and easily accessible in summer. Which doesn’t always happen during the winter months. Making these unique landscapes the perfect setting for a road trip between May and September.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Norway has 18 tourist routes specially designed for road trips, one of the best ways to visit the country.
  • 10 of these routes are located in the West zone, in the Fjords, and are a great starting point for organizing a first visit to this wonder of Nature.

10. Malta

If you still don’t know this archipelago country in the middle of the Mediterranean, you should seriously consider a visit.

Since 2018, when Valetta was the European Capital of Culture, Malta has established itself as a cultural and leisure destination.

Comprised of three main islands – Malta, Comino and Gozo – it is a country yet to be discovered, beyond the radar of many tourists less aware of the beauty and cultural richness of this Mediterranean destination.

Malta is also very accessible as the airport in the capital Valletta is served by the main national and low cost airlines in Europe. Another great advantage in terms of prices and flight duration.


  • Gozo is accessible by ferry but to explore this island it is absolutely necessary to have a car.
  • Car hire is much more affordable in Malta and it pays to move from one island to another.


  • Comino on the other hand is only accessible by boat.
  • There is no car traffic alias on the island.
  • If you want to escape the extremely touristy environment of Blue Lagoon, be prepared to take a good walk to the opposite side of the island.

11. Luxembourg

This country that so often goes unnoticed and rarely enters the lists of the various “tops” is actually a box of surprises!

Having its own airport for more direct access, its geographical location makes Luxembourg also easily accessible by car from France, Germany and Belgium.

Located in the center of Europe, Luxembourg is rich in History, Art and Architecture.

But the real surprise is perhaps the richness and natural diversity that this territory presents.

With the most dense and well-maintained network of hiking trails in Europe, Luxembourg offers numerous activities for outdoor and nature lovers, suitable for any age.

And icing on the cake: Luxembourg has multiple gardens impeccably adapted for families, with spectacular playgrounds and activities especially designed for the youngest.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • a week in Luxembourg is not too long if you want to do some hiking.
  • We recommend at least two days in Luxembourg City to enjoy the different aspects of the capital, including very good museums.


12. French Polynesia

Considered by many to be the ideal honeymoon destination, Polynesia is much more than the resorts of Bora Bora. It is a fantastic destination for families, where the little ones are very well received and included in the various activities proposed.

These hard-to-reach paradise islands, not only for budget reasons, but also for their geographical position, deserve all the fame that surrounds them, and more.

The friendliness of the people quickly makes us forget the 24-hour flight needed to reach them from Europe. The dreamlike landscapes, the richness of the marine fauna and above all the peace that reigns in the air are the ideal context to let children explore freely.

In European summer Polynesia is in winter. Temperatures drop slightly, but tropical rain is scarcer and has more defined periods throughout the day. Ideal conditions to explore the islands by hiking in the mountains, or renting a boat on the lagoon.

The end of July and August are also the time of year when whales arrive in the Polynesian area, allowing you to see dolphins, rays, turtles and whales in the same boat trip!

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Tahiti is much more beautiful than most people think. It is worth planning a few days to visit.
  • Although Bora Bora is well marked in our imagination, staying in Moorea, for example, greatly justifies a trip to Polynesia.
  • The cheapest way to visit French Polynesia is undoubtedly the use of points and miles, especially for families.

You can find more information on this topic here!

Did you find your family’s next summer destination?

From our experience all of these summer destinations will do a perfect family trip, full of joy and memories.

Don’t forget to explore more about each one of these destinations on our free guides.

For the next few weeks we’ll be sharing all our insights, itineraries and much about these 12 destinations so you can plan and organize you family trip.

In the meanwhile you can leave all your questions on the comment section and visit our Instagram profile where you will find a lot of information as well.

Safe family travels!

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