Best Halloween and November destinations for families in 2023

Looking for inspiration for Halloween and November destinations for families? You are in the right place!

November is usually a month of transition. Autumn’s golden hues slowly make way for the anticipation of the holiday season.

All Saints’ Day bank holiday and school mid-term break offer a great opportunity for some family travel.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the best November destinations for families. All tested and approved by our kids.

I will give some ideas from thrilling Halloween escapades to interesting city breaks.

For those who are craving for warm days I have some sunny destinations not too far from home. Or even some beach getaways.

I’ve curated a selection of destinations to ensure your November is filled with adventure, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones.

1. Spooky Halloween

Let’s not forget that November kicks off with a mythic celebration, right?

Time to dive into the spirit of Halloween by exploring spooky destinations! Eerie haunted houses, delightful pumpkin patches, and family-friendly festivals.

I’ll guide you to the best spots for a hair-raising, yet family-friendly, Halloween experience.

Boston and Salem

In Halloween Boston’s historic centre is transformed into a bewitching wonderland. So magical!

Families can enjoy so many different spooky events. From family-friendly pumpkin festivals in Boston Common to trick-or-treating activities in the beautiful neighbourhood of Beacon Hill. Everyone will find something amazing for Halloween.

The city’s museums often host special Halloween-themed exhibitions. Or you can embark on eerie ghost tour through Boston’s streets. Funny ways to uncover centuries-old legends and haunted tales.

Boston’s restaurants and cafes join the festivities with themed menus too. Yummy.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Rent a car and get lost in Salem for the spookiest Halloween of your entire life!
  • Salem, famously known for the historic witch trials of 1692, comes alive during Halloween. The entire month of October is a grand celebration, really.
  • Don’t miss the Salem Witch Museum and the Witch House.

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New York City

Halloween in New York City is just an electrifying experience.

You can be spooked by haunted house attractions that pop up throughout the boroughs. Or you can enjoy pumpkin patches in Central Park, where vibrant orange hues meet the city skyline. Or you can explore family-friendly events at cultural landmarks like the American Museum of Natural History.

And you can’t miss the iconic Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Thousands of elaborately dressed up participants march through the streets, remember all those scary movies, legends, and tales. With music and light and joy.

Thought Trick-or-treating can be trickier in a big city like New York, neighbourhoods like Brooklyn Heights or the Upper West Side offers a safe and festive atmosphere. There you’ll find brownstone stoops adorned in spooky decor and friendly neighbours doling out treats.

New Yorkers can go the extra mile in terms of costumes. Kids just go crazy with the number of superheroes and princesses passing by everywhere.

In New York Halloween is much more than a simple holiday. It is a Broadway-worthy production.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • If you want to join the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, you are welcome. You’ll can learn more here.
  • Costumes can be quite expensive in New York and even, so choices are limited if you arrive near Halloween. I would advise you to prepare everything before travelling there.

Quebec City

With its medieval charm and cobblestone streets, Quebec City is the perfect destination for Halloween.

Historic buildings are usually adorned with flickering candles and eerie decorations. You will be surprised with pumpkins spooky installations at every square. It all sets the stage for a hauntingly beautiful experience.

Families can enjoy storytelling sessions at places like Morrin Centre, a former prison turned cultural hub. Or if you prefer you can participate in a ghost tour through the narrow alleys of Old Quebec. It is time to legends of the city’s past come to life.

The Old Port district hosts lively costume parades and vibrant street performances. And local shops offer an array of Halloween treats, from artisanal chocolates to creatively carved pumpkins.

Quebec City is a really captivating destination for families seeking a perfect blend of history, spookiness, and festive fun for Halloween!

We certainly had a great time there.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Take a ferry and cross St. Lawrence River to Levis. The view you’ll get over Quebec City is just incredible.
  • We hopped on the ferry to the other side just to enjoy the view and came back in the next one because it was getting late.
  • However, staying in Levis is cheaper than Old Quebec. In our opinion, it can be an option to be considered.  
  • You can verify prices and schedules here

2. City Breaks

If you’re looking for some shorter trips, you should definitely consider these city breaks.

Take advantage of All Saints’ Day bank holiday and plan a long weekend.

Though all these cities are very good options to Halloween, these destinations offer a blend of excitement and education, making them ideal for a family city escape.


What’s best than Venice’s mystique allure to celebrate Halloween?

Although this holiday is not traditionally Italian, Halloween has found a place amidst the city’s elaborate masquerade traditions. A second opportunity, after Carnival, to enjoy Venetians masks and intricated costumes. But with less people in the streets!

Venice with its mysterious and moody atmosphere provides all sorts of spooky activities and will certainly be the perfect setting for an unforgettable Halloween.

At the end of the month (November 21st) takes place The Madonna Della Salute Festival. This popular event includes a very impressive procession of boats from St. Mark’s Square to the Church of Santa Maria Della Salute.

Until November 26th you can still enjoy the internationally acclaimed Biennale Architettura Exhibition. In our experience, this is one of the most family-friendly architectural exhibitions and a great way to introduce it to young kids.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Embrace the whole experience of Venetians Masks with a Mask-Making Workshop. You will easily find a lot of those all over the city. We highly recommend Ca’Macana shop. They have workshops for kids starting at 4 years old and regressive prices super adapted for families. Just don’t forget to book in advance.


With its rich folklore and centuries-old traditions, Dublin is a great choice for Halloween.

The city streets are usually adorned with jack-o’-lanterns adding to the mystic atmosphere. Historic sites like Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral set the stage for ghostly tours. The old tales of Ireland’s supernatural past come to life.

Dublin is also a great option when temperatures drop a bit. Its traditional Irish pubs offer a cozy refuge, where locals and visitors alike gather over pints of Guinness or a sticky toffee pudding. Or you can join a Pub Crawl and explore the city’s rich literary history. Dublin is UNESCO City of Literature, after all.

Talking about that, from 8 – 12th November Dublin comes alive with “Dublin Book Festival” . They usually propose a lot of family friendly activities. An amazing way to prepare a visit to the iconic Trinity College Library, home to the Book of Kells.

But if you can only visit Dublin at the end of November don’t be sad! You are just on time to enjoy the Dublin Gallery Weekend: a cultural event in which up to 40 art galleries take to the streets. A brilliant way to get your children to appreciate art in a very funny and relax way!

Starting November 13th, you’ll be able to enjoy the Christmas Illuminations and the first Christmas Markets.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • If you want to visit Guiness Store House, consider buying the tickets online. It is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin and it is actually family friendly. So, you get it, there’s always a lot of  people and lines can get time consuming.
  • They have a family ticket so don’t forget to check if it’s best for you.


Cobblestone streets and historic architecture set the mood for a late Halloween.

In fact, in Czech Republic the big celebration is held on November 2nd, the All Souls´ Day (Dušičky) and not in the All Saints´ Day like other European countries.

The visit of Olšany, Vinohrady or Vyšehrad cemeteries with all the candle lights twinkling in the dark is very atmospheric.

Not that you won’t find a lot going on October 31st, because you will. But All Souls´ Day makes for a very unique and original way to celebrate Halloween.

On November 11th Prague commemorates Saint Martin of Tours. Children get to make colourful lanterns with their own hands and participate in the lantern processions while singing songs.

From end of November until the day before Christmas Eve, you can witness the city’s lamplighter ceremony: the illumination of the Charles Bridge and the lanterns of the Stare Mesto by hand.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Prague can be really chilly in November.


In November Lisbon is fortunate with especially warm weather. The so called “Verão de São Martinho” – St. Martins Summer cheers up the city.

After the first rains and October’s cold days, Lisbon welcomes the sun and hight temperatures again. It usually happens between end of October and mid-November. Saint Martins Summer is a well-known meteorological phenomenon that comes along every year. For centuries explained by legends and beliefs, it makes November a perfect time to visit Lisbon.

Saint Martin’s Festivities take place November 11th. Celebrations include bread, roasted chestnuts, and wine. You will love it.

November is also time for big events like the Lisbon Film Festival and the Web Summit .

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Unlikely other cities, Lisbon is not really a seasonal destination. November may be a quieter month but don’t expect a significant decrease in the number of people in the streets, specially in the weekends.
  • Make your bookings in advance including museums and activities.

3. Not so far away but still sunny

Half away to winter we all already miss sunny and warm days.

Did you know that you can explore destinations that provide a warm, inviting atmosphere without the need for long-haul flights?

In fact, an under 4 hours flight from Europe can take you to these amazing destinations.

Sun, beach, mountains. All you need to a quaint adventure not far from home.  


With scorching temperatures and yet pretty crowded during Summertime, Andalucia is one of those destinations perfect for off season travel.

The crowds of tourists disperse, granting travellers the luxury of experiencing the region’s rich cultural heritage at their own pace, when a comfortable warmth lingers in the air. In fact, the last time we visited was in February and it was just amazing!

November marks the olive harvest season. It is just the right time to visit olive groves and local mills, participating in the age-old tradition of olive oil production. The aroma of freshly pressed olives fills the air.

In the same note November is also the month when “Mosto” (grape juice) from the same year’s harvest is ready to be tasted, preferably paired with all sorts of tapas.

If you are a nature lover and like to hike, November is definitely the perfect time to visit Andalusia.

With little to no rain, and cooler temperatures, you will be able to explore amazing trails and enjoy the autumns beautiful colours in an immersive experience.

It is also time to welcome the countless migratory birds specially in Doñana and the Strait of Gibraltar.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Don’t stick to the main cities. Andalusia is home to come of the most beautiful Spanish Villages. Rent a car and explore.
  • We highly suggest you visit Zahara de la Sierra, Olvera, Ubrique, Villaluenga del Rosario, Ronda, Setenil de las Bodegas and Arcos de la Frontera.


November graces Morocco with a very mild and comfortable climate. This actually one of the best times to explore this diverse and enchanting country.

The scorching summer heat has waned, giving way to warm days and pleasantly cool nights. This is perfect for families and young children.  

You can explore Morocco’s bustling cities, like Marrakech and Fes, all day long, without waiting for the sunset for cooler temperatures. It gives you more time to enjoy the vibrant colours and exotic aromas of the souks. Or to walk calmly on the colourful and lively streets. And visit the amazing gardens and monuments.

November also marks the harvest season, filling the air with a hint of earthy richness.

It provides an incredible opportunity to witness Morrocco’s traditional olive pressing methods. Or participate in the Erfoud Date Festival, a lively homage to the date palm harvest. What a beautiful way to show new cultures and traditions to our kids.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • After the earthquake of last September, Morrocco needs our help more then ever.
  • Mostly of the cities and touristic attractions are completely safe and ready to receive travellers.
  • Travelling to Morrocco right now is an amazing way to help local people and make your trip count. That’s what Sustainable Travel is all about!

Canary Islands

Located south of Morocco, Canary Islands are usually the hottest European territory in Autumn and during all winter.

When continental temperatures drop under 10°C, these beautiful islands stay comfortably above 20°C in November. A warm and cozy destination at a short distance from home. With many flight connections under 5 hours from Central Europe.

We had the chance to visit Lanzarote and Tenerife and we loved both islands. We would come back in a heartbeat for sure.

November is the middle of wave season. So, if you and your kids love surfing this is the time. If you are still learning many surf schools offer interesting lesson packages and workshops in different languages.

Sun is shining and temperatures are comfortable enough to walk by the sea and enjoy the beach. Don’t forget your swimsuit and your sunscreen.

If you love mountain, you won’t be disappointed ether. Teide National Park in Tenerife will steal your heart. Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote will transport you right to an impressive out-of-this-world landscape.

Also in November, Fuerteventura is home to the International Kite Festival. Our kids marvelled with the kites at El Médano beach in Tenerife. I can only imagine their reaction at this amazing Festival where hundred of kites will fill the sky.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • If you are considering visiting more than one island or an island hopping in a short time, airplane is your ally. We always consider taking the ferry. It is more sustainable and usually cheaper. But distances between Canary Islands are bigger than it seams and ferries take forever. Take this in consideration with you budget the trip.  

4. November at the beach

For those who dream of sandy shores and ocean waves, November still holds the promise of beach days with your kids.

I will talk to you about two family-friendly destinations that we love. I’m sure you will love them too.

Here you will be able to soak up the sun, build sandcastles, and create precious seaside memories with your family.

Bangkok and the North of Thailand

November marks the end of the monsoon season in the North of Thailand.

However, though the rain gets scarce this is still considered shoulder season, and you can expect lower prices and fewer tourists.

If your family loves Nature this is a great time to explore the northern region’s lush jungles and national parks. You’ll notice that animals and plants alike come to life after the rains.

November in Thailand is also a time of celebration with different festivals.

  • The Loy Krathong Festival takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. Thousands of candlelit floats are released on waterways, creating a surreal and magical ambiance, perfect for kids to enjoy. Bangkok is a great place to live this festival.
  • Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai fills the night sky with a sea of glowing lanterns, symbolizing new beginnings and good fortune.

This year both festivals take place at the same evening: November 27-28

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • The North and the South of Thailand have completely different climates.
  • If you are planning to visit this country, verify the weather conditions exactly where you’re intending to stay and visit.

United Arab Emirates

If you’re looking for sun and hot days at the beach in November, but with a shorter flight time, the Emirates are your answer.

Air temperatures will be just around 30°C while seawater reaches the 28°C. What more can we ask for?

Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Sharjah have plenty of sandy beaches and family friendly activities to offer.

In November, the UAE’s cultural calendar comes alive with various events and festivals, too.

One of the most acclaimed is the Abu Dhabi Art Fair that showcases contemporary art from diverse cultures, providing a fascinating insight into the global art scene.

♠ Pro – Tip:
  • Thought we loved Abu Dhabi and Sharja, we would definitely choose Dubai for base.
  • Stay at Jumeirah Beach Residences – JBR – for the most family-friendly experience.

These are my suggestions for this November.

I know there are a lot of other cool destinations for Halloween for example! I would love to spend the season in Transylvania. It would be really spooky, I’m sure.

But, as usual, I’m only recommending places my family and I have personally checked out. I truly believe that’s the only way I can give you really valuable information.

All these ideas come straight from our own adventures. If you got questions or need some insider tips just drop a comment or send me a DM on Instagram. I’m here to help!

Just a heads-up, some of the sweetest deals tend to pop up last minute. So, if you didn’t book your next trip don’t despair. There’s still time to buy some plane tickets or plan a spontaneous road trip near home.

Safe family travels!

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