A Family of 5 Eco Travelers around the World

Who are we?

Hello! Welcome to our family travel blog !

We are Ana, Pedro, Zoé, Guy and Mya.

A family of 5, traveling the world since 2014.

We have always believed that it is possible to travel with children. Even if we have a so-called “conventional” life at the same time.

So, we didn’t sell everything. We didn’t stop working. We don’t do home schooling to travel around the world. Nor are we digital nomads.

Our family is like so many others. A family like yours maybe.

Me and Pedro we both work full time. Sometimes we go out with friends or on a date. We love to go to the cinema or stay at home and read a book or watch a movie.

Zoé, Guy and Mya all go to school. They have classmates and friends and go to birthday parties on a regular basis throughout the year. Oh, and a lot of other activities too.

Here you will learn a little bit more about us. How we manage to travel 5 months / year, with our kids , in an affordable and relaxed way.

It is so nice to have you here!

Hi, I’m Ana

I am the mum of this tribe and the main writer of this blog!

But I’m also architect, designer and CEO of a lighting design company.

I love sunsets, ice-cream, music and reading! And travel!

Hi, I’m Pedro

I’m the dad of this tribe! I organize all our travels and I drive anywhere!!

I am a PhD in Biology and a CEO in Hospitality and E-Commerce!

I love food, music, the beach and the ocean!

Hi, I’m Zoe

I’m 10yo and I’m the big sister!

I started traveling when I was 1 mo. My favourite country is Singapore!

I love swimming, roller skating, dancing, coding, drawing and reading!

Hi, I’m Guy

I’m 8yo and I’m a happy and energetic boy!

I started traveling when I was 3 weeks old. My favourite country is Dubai!

I love dinosaurs, cakes, playing at the beach and animals !

Hi, I’m Mya

I’m 4yo and I’m the baby sister!

I started travelling at 3 weeks old. I visited 30+ countries! I prefer warm places!

I love cuddles, the beach and the pool, dancing and singing !

What do we do for a living?

Pedro and I manage several companies that we have created over time.

Combining passions and professional experiences we now work in multiple areas as diverse as hospitality, design and photography.

We divide our time between Paris, where we live, and Lisbon, where we have part of our companies and most importantly: our whole family.

Truth be told, we always had this travel bug, we were born with wings instead of roots!

And living in a different country than our family it always meant traveling a lot if we didn’t want to miss all the important moments with our dear ones.

As the years went by we accepted that travel is an essential part of our lives: for family, for work, for education, for fun.

This mindset allows us to develop our businesses in different countries and see the world as the perfect school for our kids.

And that’s why we travel often, whenever we need or whenever the dream speaks louder.








family trips

How do we manage to travel so much as a family?

We travel a total of about 5 months a year, spread over several adventures, near and far, some taking weeks or months, others in the time of a weekend!

Wanting to travel as much as possible we’ve learnt how to optimize time and budget.

Because we are independent and self-employed, we have the flexibility to combine our professional schedule with the kids’ school calendar and make adaptations.

This doesn’t mean we take days off always kids are on holidays. In fact, we organize our work so we can do a part of it remotely while we travel.

Travel is a substantial part of the education we want to give to our children. We deeply believe they learn a lot more living different experiences in different places, than inside four walls. And therefore, all the efforts are worth it.

But none of this would be possible without a strictly optimized travel budget and a mindful utilization of miles and points.

Knowing that travel is a priority, we optimized our family budget accordingly. We accept to cut the budget on other fields and learned the best kept secrets about miles and points.

It is great gymnastics, of time and finances.
If you want to find out more or understand a little better how we do this, you can learn more here.

But it all comes down to establishing priorities!  

Why did we start this family travel blog?

If you are reading us, I believe that you are not lacking in inspiration and will to travel with your family.

Though we will share all the good plans about the places we visit and make you discover new destinations even, our goal with this blog is not simply to inspire, but mainly to help other families to simplify family travel and travel more, and above all, travel better.

We believe that to see the world as a family it is not necessary to leave everything behind for a year or to do too many sacrifices. And we will explain you how we can do it so you can do it too.

With the right organization and a clear and well-defined goal, we can live extraordinary experiences, without spending fortunes (which we personally don’t have!) and without putting aside important moments that make us happy.

Over the years we’ve been asked a lot of questions about this lifestyle. Questions about budget, family, education, health, organization…

With this blog we will share everything we know about miles and points in Europe, budget optimization and all the tricks we’ve learned over the last 8 years. We will share all the knowledge we’ve developed and all the good advice we received from other travelling families and cultures.  

Our main goal is to help you to simplify family travel so you can enjoy it as much as we do, as often as you wish!

What are our values as family travellers?

Above all, we believe that it is more important than ever to travel better, with more respect for the countries and the people that host us, and more consideration for the planet we live on. After all, there is no planet B, right?!

We believe that all travellers can and should have a positive impact. We truly believe that this consciousness and the way we preserve the planet Earth are our best legacy to our children.

To give them the world by teaching them how to take care of it!

Here we will share everything we already do to travel better, in a more conscious way and we will take you with us on this journey to become even more ecological travellers!

Our Story

To get to know us and understand us a little better, nothing like going back a few years and explaining the beginning of it all!

Ready for a trip back in time?

How did it all start?

It all started in 2014 with the arrival of Zoé. It’s a cliché, no doubt it is, but that’s when everything changed! For the best!

Interestingly, we never traveled as much as we did from the moment we found out we were going to be parents. Zoé came to make us real travelers!

We felt an urge to slow down and enjoy every moment.

This curiosity arose in us to know more about the world where our children will grow up and live.

And as time went by, and as we got to know more countries, we accepted this responsibility to educate our children “on the ground”.

Before and during pregnancy we travelled to rest, to be together, to celebrate.

Then we started traveling because we really had to go and introduce Zoé to the grandparents who could no longer come to us.

And then we travelled to take advantage of my maternity leave. With time every excuse was good to buy a plane ticket or organize a road trip.

The real turning point

In January 2016, me pregnant with Guy and a good job in Paris, Pedro had the opportunity to develop a new project… in Nice, in the south of France.

Not prepared to leave everything and move south (after all, sometimes I still have some roots!) I decided to stay in the capital.

And so begins a new chapter in our lives and travels.

During those 4 months, Pedro made dozens of trips to come home every weekend. He became a Flying Blue member, racked up miles and achieved Gold status in no time.

I, on the other hand, learned to travel alone with Zoé, who was barely able to walk at the time, and with my 5 months belly. In fact I could have hated it, but not at all! Instead I learned to organize, optimize and most importantly: I learned to simplify! And started seeing my daughter as a true travel companion!

In the end we ended up not moving to Nice. But we moved to the world!

Life changing decisions

In 2016 I left a stable job of more than 10 years as Chief Project Architect, to start a completely new professional path. Pedro joined me in this adventure.

We lost in salary, but we gained in time and flexibility. And we have gained the certainty that when we really want something, the universe really conspires to make it come true.

These were not easy times. They still aren’t. Many questions, many obstacles in the way. Some days less happy than others. But two constants: family trips and the desire to be together!

In 2018 we made our first big trip as a family of 4. A month in Asia. Singapore, Bali, Thailand. The journey that changed us forever, that transformed us, that opened our eyes, our hearts, our whole souls.

And since then, we never stopped. We couldn’t stop.

The family is finally complete

In 2019 Mya came to complete our family.

She was not yet born and had already crossed two oceans, felt 3 continents, and heard so many languages ​​and so many songs from so many places in this world.

When in 2020 we were forced to stop traveling, Mya knew as many countries as the 7 months she had just completed.

We could have slowed down with the Pandemic. But our desire to travel the world only increased. Now as family of 5!

Since May 2020, when the lockdown ended in Paris, we have visited more than 25 countries on 4 continents.

We navigated between restrictions and changes in plans, but always with the same joy of traveling together!

Spread the wings and go, became our oxygen!

What’s next?

We will definitely continue to educate our kids in the world.

Our wish is to share more and more with those who read us everything we have learned in these many years of family travel.

And we want to continue discovering new destinations and returning to the places where we were happy.

Will you come with us ?

Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss our adventures in real time!

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